Luxury Law
The area of luxury law incorporates industry specific legal interests in fashion law, beauty law, design law, leisure law, including entertainment and sports law, and art law. Our luxury law firm, as a division of the premier international trade law firm AMD Law, refines an international intellectual property focus to assist luxury businesses in brand development and protection, and sustaining fruitful partnerships with manufacturers and retailers of their high end products. Expanding luxury enterprises internationally calls for the practice of specialized expertise and experience in luxury law.

Fashion Law
In an increasingly globalized market for luxury goods such as high fashion products and designer merchandise, legal protection of intellectual property rights on an international level is essential to safeguarding our clients’ brands, designs, including the design of textiles, and product lines. Areas of copyright, trademarks, licensing and distribution, and civil rights are subsumed under the specialty of fashion law as practiced by AMD Law. Our firm represents clients in the fashion industry and their interests both domestically and globally.

Beauty Law
High end cosmetics constitute a major part of the industry for luxury items, being affiliated with the fashion business as well. The importance of brand names requires considerations in beauty law of patents for the created cosmetic products and trademarks in the marketing of such products. Copyright law is relevant to the art and designs used to package and embellish the cosmetics.AMD Law serves clients who are high end cosmetics producers in brand protection among other domains of our international intellectual property practices.

Design Law
Design protection is paramount to the preservation of the originality of designers’ work in terms of both functionality and aesthetics. AMD Law implements protection for our clients in industrial design, like furniture designers. Modern designs now more than ever are measured against standards of global novelty due to the world’s progressively open exchange of ideas and goods, the trend of globalization making protection even more necessary and valuable to independent creation. AMD Law meets this need with our focus on international law and intellectual property law.

Entertainment Law
The entertainment sector of AMD Law’s leisure law practice secures the rights and properties of artists in music, film, and television, evolving industries propelled by creative output in pace with popular culture via various media of extensive, even worldwide influence. To match the degree of innovation, activity and reach of artists’ works in entertainment, our practice provides legal representation conducive to beneficial business relationships between artistic work and its respective medium, serving our clients in their aims to transmit art and entertainment to consumers.

Sports Law
As one of the media’s dominant segments, the sports industry finds representation in AMD Law’s practice, covering business and legal issues involved in the entertainment and sports arena of law. Negotiating and resolving questions of contracts, torts, and intellectual property among other legal topics that surface in sports law are part and parcel with the duties of our attorneys committed to supporting clients in the business of sports.

Art Law
Our clients in the art world, including collectors, museums, galleries, and foundations are attended to in our practice in art law. AMD Law aids in cases entailing wills and the distribution of art objects, as well as in taxes for corporations with art investments. Intellectual property and international law, broad fields of expertise in our firm, are often integral to issues in art law, and the trained professionals at AMD Law apply such expertise to the handling of art law matters.